Friday, May 4, 2007

Berkeley good-byes

It's been almost seven years that I've been in Berkeley, California, and that has been more or less reduced to 10 boxes that are getting shipped to Colorado tomorrow.

I'll miss the views of the Golden Gate Bridge on the walk home every day. The veggie burrito at Razan's. More or less all the fruits and vegetables at Berkeley Bowl. Especially the heirloom tomatoes in the summer. I'll miss the flowers all year round. And I'll miss the rain (yes, you all think I'm crazy, but it makes the place so green). But all of that I can deal with - farmer's markets exist in Colorado, and I will have photos of the ocean. So the only thing I'll really miss will be the company of my friends.

I'm terrible at keeping in touch, and we all spend enough time in front of our computers that the extra twenty minutes to write a friendly email rarely materializes. So instead, I'm going to try this blog. (And this way, you can all skip the writing and just see the photos.) Let me know what you think.

So a virtual farewell toast to Berkeley (with one of Dave's gin-vodka-scotch-lemon sorbet-with-hint-of-banana cocktails in my hand. it's virtual so I don't actually have to drink it.) and... Chapeau!


bootless cries said...

Great start! I'll be following closely.

Juliane said...

I miss you already...

Andy said...

Um, were we really supposed to ship those boxes on Monday?

just kidding -- we'll be following along from home. Have a great trip!

bootless cries said...

Beware of wolves offering you candy in pimped out forests. . . m&d