Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coatiwhatsits: a raccoon by any other name...

Coatimundis are in the same family as raccoons. And certain familial traits are very apparent. Long snouts. cute tails. Love of garbage-picking. Sly.

Now, we have these large blue plastic garbage cans for paper / plastic / cans / organic compost around La Selva. They seemed quite smart. Right up until this afternoon when I had the pleasure of watching a coatimundi discover how to open them.

As Sam Neill's character said in Jurassic Park... clever girl.

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george rede said...

Hello Delphine,
Curiosity got the best of me. Who else, I wondered, would have read "A short history of the Ukrainian tractor" let alone list it as a favorite?
Evidently, a well-traveled atmospheric chemist (I don't know any) who's posted some cool photos of colorful and weird creatures (A tree turkey? Who knew?) who also happens to write very well.
As a journalist, I appreciate anyone who can write clearly, with descriptive detail and a dash of wit.
I'll try to set your mind at ease. I'm not a stalker. Just curious about others in the blogosphere who might share common interests and values.